ROI360 Extensions Documentation

A restricted API designed for customers of the managed service.
Breakpoint Delivery
Allows admins to specify weight or quantity breakpoint rules for pricing of delivery. These rules are then used on Shipping step in user site.
Custom replacement for the existing Pageflex Budgeting extension.
Cookie Consent
Inserts a cookie notification to comply with EU Law.
Copy FF To/From PO
Copies matching form fill values to printing options, meaning that they can be used for reporting in the admin side.
CXML Stock
Gets stock from a cXML source (used for Imprint integration).
Date Picker
An enhanced Date Picker.
Form Filling Database
Form filling entries driven from a drop down which in turn is driven from a spreadsheet.
Greenstone Integration
Provides Data from Greenstone Data Solutions for the Data Merge Step.
Order Analytics
Allows users and admins to view various order-based metrics.
Populate Form Filling
Populate form filling fields with defined Storefront variables.
Product Notifications
This extension will send an email notification to a pre-determined email address when specific products are ordered.
Remote Login
Allows for remote login and single sign on from external websites. Allows advanced redirect on logout.
RightMarket Integration
RightMarket data sourcing integration module.
SagePay Server Integration
SagePay payment gateway integration.
Save Draft
Saves a partially form filled document to basket for retrieval, can keep sessions alive.
Shuttleworth Storefront
Shuttleworth Storefront integration.
Social Media
Allows users to share outputs via social media platforms and/or download preview images.
Text Count
Text Count scripts for Form Filling page.
Tharstern Storefront
Tharstern Storefront integration.
Usage & Billing
Allows users on the modern pricing model to view their monthly usage.
Variable Output Jobs
Allows user to select job from a printing option selection.
XML Export
Order data auto-punchout to third party system (MIS, ERP, CRM).